World Class Coaching Academy is an exclusive executive coach training program that launched in October 2017. As an international executive coach for nearly two decades, I am inspired by the dramatic and exciting results achieved with my clients. As a Master Certified Coach (MCC) since 2006, I know firsthand the professional opportunities this field affords to world-class executive coaches. The demand for highly-skilled elite coaches is exploding, creating a $1 billion industry in the United States alone. My personal mission is to raise the bar and help select individuals with a passion for excellence create their own distinctive and thriving international coaching business. Every morning I wake up energized and excited at the thought of guiding my clients through professional and personal transformations. I wish the same for you. Accepted students will enter a premier one-year educational experience designed to transform them into an elite class of successful international executive coaches. World Class Coaching Academy is a comprehensive program, teaching International Coach Federation (ICF) coaching skills and how to design and launch your own extraordinary six-figure coaching business.

Dr. Nicola Bunting - World Class Coaching Academy




The experience uniquely covers the three essential aspects of successful world class coaching.


World Class Coaching Academy will cover all the ICF coaching competencies to a high level. Additionally, the program will examine various coaching approaches, such as positive psychology, emotional intelligence, strength-based approaches, somatic coaching and others so you can create your own informed coaching style and portfolio. As an Enneagram expert, I will teach you this transformative framework for individual and team coaching, another unique feature to the World Class Coaching Academy. Over the last two decades I have fine-tuned coaching approaches which would otherwise require several years of research and testing in your own business to develop. This exclusive program offers the deep, careful, practical, hands-on attention you need in order to serve your clients in a bigger way.


While the coaching industry is booming, far too many who enter the field are struggling. The average coaching income is $50k, with many making significantly less. World Class Coaching Academy is the first of its kind to offer the skills needed to design a thriving business as well as the education necessary to become an exceptional coach. Most training neglects the practical, business-building aspect, which is of key importance. The program explores targeting your ideal niche, which coaching packages to offer, how to establish prices, and many other practical steps toward building and marketing your business for success. By building a strong foundation for a coaching business, you will enjoy a happier lifestyle and the work-life balance that accompanies it. Most importantly, you will delight in the deep satisfaction of knowing that you are making a life-changing difference to your clients every single day.


As a coach with integrity, you need to be self-aware and a master of your own personal development, an inspiring example for your clients. As part of the curriculum, World Class Coaching Academy will shine a light on any areas holding you back from peak personal development. We will skyrocket your happiness and energy levels, your money mindset and blitz any limiting beliefs you hold. This portion of the program guides you as you design your ideal work-life balance and lifestyle. Do you want to work internationally? Do you want to work part-time or develop a portfolio career? Do you want to base yourself in California or Rome?! Anything is possible and we will design it together.



For over nearly two decades, I have reached the top of the coaching profession and received the world’s top credential (MCC) from the ICF in 2006. My clients in FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies have transformed their professional success and personal fulfillment. I grew my business to six-figures ten years ago and it has risen every year since. In addition, I have published a best-selling coaching book. My enthusiasm for this incredible field is what inspired me to create World Class Coaching Academy. This comprehensive coach training program will allow you to soar above the unqualified, struggling coaches out there. This distinctive program is designed for bright, ambitious individuals who want to develop an extraordinary life and a thriving international coaching businesses. These individuals will be able to work anywhere and create the lifestyle they truly want. Additionally, selected graduates will have the opportunity to work with me at La Vita Nuova as my coaching associates, co-creating international coaching offerings. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

DR. NICOLA BUNTING, Master Certified Coach (ICF)


Since 1999, I have worked internationally as an executive and personal coach with inspiring results from companies and individuals around the globe. My clients include Google, Unilever, Discovery, the Foreign Office, the National Health Service, Verifone, Airtel, among others as well as individual clients across five continents. Every day I awake energized about my work, reveling in the deep satisfaction it brings. Each week I receive incredible thank you letters from clients whose careers and lives have been transformed by my coaching. You may read some of my glowing testimonials on my web site.

Coaching is one of the most lifestyle-friendly fields that exist. This professional path has allowed me to design my ideal lifestyle, taking my son to primary school every day when he was young, finishing work early n the afternoon so that I could spend the rest of the day with him. It has allowed me to live the life I have always dreamed of while still running a thriving professional business. What your ideal lifestyle look like?

Every morning I awake lit up by the prospect of helping my clients be their absolute best. I enjoy working four days a week, with Fridays off (most of the time!) 40 weeks of the year. Two career wake-up calls in my own life allow me to relate to those of you in a career that doesn't really thrill you or an environment that stifles you. As an industry professional, I recognize the incredible benefits of the education, rigorous training and certifications I've received. They are a large part of my appeal to my clientele and the foundation of my success. It is my goal to help other success-minded, results-oriented individuals like yourself achieve the same success that I enjoy and make a similar difference in the world.



 I received the highest level of coaching certification available, the Master Certified Coach (MCC), in 2006.

Fewer than 1% of coaches hold this distinction. Presently I am a coach mentor for the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a former faculty member of Coach U.


Prior to coaching I received my PhD and was a professor at universities in both the US and the UK.

My book "Who Do You Want To Be? How To Embrace Change And Live Your Dream" received widespread acclaim in the coaching industry and beyond.


I have mentored new coaches for over a decade and worked with thousands of individual clients worldwide. I coach senior professionals (to C-Suite level) and teams within global organizations. Coaching allows me to assist Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 organizations across Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa.

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If you want to change direction in life and have considered coaching as an option, then this is the course for you. Inspiring leadership and tutoring, thought-provoking material, and enables self-development as well as the tools to create a life-changing business and lifestyle.”
— Katie, 2017-2018 Academy
It’s great seeing how much everyone has learned and developed skills. It’s very impressive how far we have all come. Wonderful opportunity to learn from a highly accomplished coach.
— Mark, 2017-2018 Academy
I’ve taken the leap and fully transitioned to coaching. It’s a heady mix of business building, practising, learning but also taking stock….and keeping myself in check with some great personal development learnings gained from our course and not least a firm grounding in how to differentiate coaching from advising. So, it’s a bit like drawing a deep breath but with a big solid learning and professional net beneath me….and this makes me enthused and encouraged for the path ahead… Watch this space!
— Annie, 2017-2018 Academy


  • Perhaps you are a successful professional or business owner who would love to be a world-class coach. It can be frightening to make that leap from perceived security to risk. You require coach training that meets you at your level, allowing you to replace or exceed your existing income, while designing a flexible, international lifestyle and great work-life balance.

  • You may currently be a coach wishing to raise your game and create the international, premier executive coaching business you deserve. This is within your reach with the right support.

  • Perhaps you are an HR professional with a desire to become a world class coach in order to roll out an internal coaching program within your company.

There are many reasons for becoming a coach, but very few programs provide the tools you need to become a world-class professional within this industry.  If you are committed to excellence and are ready to join an elite training program, World Class Coaching Academy might be right for you.

Our 2019-2020 PROGRAM IS now open for Registration!